Social worker

A social worker can support you to manage the personal and social challenges you may face due to your arthritis. They can provide counselling, information and referrals to other services. A social worker will assess the impact of your arthritis on your life. This might include the impact your condition has on your living arrangements, education and employment, support network, and your social and emotional wellbeing.

Social workers can provide counselling to help you cope with the emotional response to dealing with arthritis. They can also help you access financial support, such as through the NDIS, health services, support groups and other community services. Social workers work with your healthcare team to ensure you are provided with the right services to help maintain your independence and meet your individual needs.

Social workers work across a range of settings, including hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, mental health clinics, schools, and community service. You can find a social worker via the Australian Association of Social Workers website.