General practitioner

Your GP

Your general practitioner (GP or local doctor) is usually your main provider of health care in the community. You should see them first for any concerns you have about your arthritis or other health issues. Your GP can help you coordinate your overall health care, including referring you to specialists and other health professionals if needed. Your GP may also have a practice nurse. A practice nurse can provide information and coordinate your care with the other members of your healthcare team.

Your GP is an important partner in managing your psoriatic arthritis. They will probably make the initial diagnosis and should then refer you to a rheumatologist for assessment and treatment.

Once your psoriatic arthritis is fully assessed, your GP will see you regularly to check on your treatment and progress.  

Your GP may refer you to an allied health professional, such as a physiotherapist or occupational therapist, as part of a care plan. As part of a care plan, you may be able to have five sessions per year funded by Medicare. Ask your GP for more information.