A rheumatologist is a specialist doctor for joint, muscle and bone disorders and autoimmune diseases. Your GP will usually refer you to a rheumatologist to confirm your diagnosis and for treatment.

People with symptoms of psoriatic arthritis should visit a rheumatologist as soon as possible, because early diagnosis and correct treatment can reduce the impact of the condition.

Your rheumatologist will probably start you on medicine to slow down the disease and reduce pain. They may also suggest certain types of physical therapies. Because every person's psoriatic arthritis is different, your rheumatologist will probably select different treatments over time to find the best one for you.

Your GP may recommend a rheumatologist. You can also find a rheumatologist at the Australian Rheumatology Association website.

At first, you will probably see the rheumatologist every two to three weeks.  After that  you should visit about every three months, depending on your treatment.